Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Justin Roberts is coming!

So The Kiddos are bonkers with excitement and they still have almost 2 weeks to wait. Who's Justin Roberts, you say? Only the biggest name in the indie family music scene, as far as our family is concerned. His last CD "Meltdown" is the most-requested CD in our car, played so often that Mugger and Bug have the order of the songs memorized!

His newest CD "Pop Fly" comes out on April 15, and I was all set to pre-order on Amazon until I read this review on Thingamababy. No, it's not a bad review-- quite the opposite-- but it was there I found out that if I pre-order from Justin Robert's website (by this Friday), I can score a Pop Fly baseball tee for my Mugger.

And, yes, Justin is coming to town! Not here to Orange County, but to LA for the LA Times Festival of Books (April 26 and 27) to give short concerts on the kiddie stage. Even though my beloved sister lives in LA, not much will drag me there, so it should give you some idea how great our Justin Roberts enthusiasm is that we are looking forward to the drive! Since it's also The Kiddos first concert, this should be quite the experience!

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