Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bookmarks 3.29.09...

In an effort to keep track of the thousands of bookmarks I seem to have (on 2 different computers!), I'll start posting the best of my finds here. So, new to me this week would be:
  • a great tutorial on making (and painting!) a salt dough bead necklace with a toddler. Bug isn't exactly a toddler anymore, but anything to cut down on the mess at art time makes this Type-A Mama happy! Probably found via kiddio, along with the next one...
  • a tutorial on making mini clipboards. This would be perfect both for Bug who does mass amounts of coloring in church and for Mugger if we get him into letterboxing one of these days. Seems like a fun intro to hiking-- of course, then I might have to get Hubby to fire up the sewing machine to make him a field bag!
  • Kiddie Records Weekly, found via this post at Sarah Jane Studios -- incidentally one of my favorite children's artists on Etsy. (I so would love to have this print in Bug's room!) Anyways, Kiddie Records Weekly looks like an amazing resource as our kiddos love to listen to stories.
  • another find at Sarah Jane Studios, the Rosetta Project, where hundreds of vintage children's books have been scanned in for your viewing pleasure. I love-love-love vintage illustrations!
  • this post called "Children and the Pressure to Buy" at Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op. If you worry about protecting your children from developing an appetite for materialism in the face of an onslaught of messages from the media and their peers, don't miss this one.

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