Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Etsy for Easter

The kiddos had a mostly handmade Christmas, thanks to Etsy and the local holiday bazaars. There aren't many bazaars this time of year, so to fill their Easter baskets, I turned to Etsy.

Bug loves all things soft and cuddly -- and I know I won't be able to indulge my love of vintage chenille with her as an excuse forever-- so she's getting this sweet bunny from Chenille Treasures in her basket:Mugger would never appreciate such sweetness-- he is "five and three-quarters" now-- so he's getting a marble archboard game from Palumba, being that he is still 100% game-crazy:And, in recognition that he's getting to the point where he might appreciate colored pencils over crayons for church on Sunday (or perhaps for future nature hikes), he's also getting this colored pencil sketch roll from Beacon Hill Goods:What about your kiddos? Any Easter basket goodies to share?

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