Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Reawakened Crafting Gene

If any of the moms I went to my first MOPS group read this, I'm sure they would get a good laugh as I was always the mom at the table who said, "Creative Activities? Why do we have crafts at MOPS? I'll just throw it away when I get home." But this blog ain't called "Holes in my Shiny Veneer" for nothing, so here goes:

I'm going to guess it's because I'm an at-home mom now and I'm one of those people who has to have lots going on or I don't what to do with myself, but I have become overly crafty, no, make that craft-obsessed, since the move to Corvallis last summer. Yes, I had been doing my ribbon clips for awhile, but in California, that was all the crafty outlet I needed. Soon after moving here, though, I decided to expand my hair accessories endeavor, and I added in the cover button clips and ponys that now make up the bulk of my Etsy shop. And now that I talked my mom into getting me a Cuttlebug die-cut machine for my birthday, I hope to add wool felt clips to the inventory sometime in the near future...

Yet that doesn't seem to be enough for me! I toyed with the idea of making glass pendants or coasters for Christmas presents and ended up making hand-stamped necklaces and keychains for all the sibs. Some turned out better than others:
Maybe someday I'll add those into the Etsy shop, but they've taken the back burner to other things. I was really hoping to make Bug a set of peg dolls and a dollhouse for Christmas, but we had plenty of Christmas presents already, so the unpainted pegs are hanging out in a craft drawer. Aunt Jen taught Mugger and me how to knit at Christmas, but whenever it's not raining, he'd rather play outside and if he has to be inside, he'd rather play chess or some other game.

Guess this little obsession is one way to deal with my domestic deficiencies!

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