Monday, June 8, 2009

Living in the Now

On Saturday I mentioned this open thread over at Camp Creek Blog about letting kids pursue their dreams. After reading the linked article, "Unconventional Wisdom: Why Passion Matters," I left this comment:
"The wisest parents I know are honest. They watch their children grow and steer them toward their strengths with encouragement rather than force. And sometimes these parents feel pride and fear."

I love this. This idea is actually helpful as we seek balance for our children's lives. We choose to spend more time and energy in the areas where they are passionate, rather than trying out every sport and activity under the sun just because the neighbor kids or kids in school are.

One of the most satisfying parts of parenting to me is seeing where God has gifted my children and how they develop those gifts as their own personal calling. To me, that's what the idea of vocation is all about-- I don't want my kids training for jobs in those college years that will be here before I know it, rather, I want them pursuing their vocation with a sense of purpose.
Lori responded with this:
diana, i feel that way — i don’t want my sons’ childhood to be spent preparing for their adult life, their adult job … i want them to be living as fully as they can *now*, today, exploring their interests, delighting in what delights them now.

rather than a mini-adulthood, childhood should be, in my opinion, building a foundation for adulthood … learning about life, about love, about work, about the world, about their talents and passions …
It was funny she mentioned the "now"...
So true, Lori! In fact, here's a quote I read just this morning from the new kids' book Any Which Wall, reviewed here:

"That's just how parents are," Henry explained wisely as he ate the cheese off the top of his slice and wiped his greasy hand on his jeans. "They like to talk about how they used to do things or about how they plan to do things someday, but parents aren't very good at right now."

I so want my kids to live in the now, too!
Thoughts? Opinions? Feel free to post them here or over at the Camp Creek Blog post.