Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Links

No Book Bag post yet-- yes, it's been awhile. Vacation kept the kiddos occupied with things other than books, but soon I'll have to post on When You Reach Me, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, and Emmaline and the Bunny-- all were great reads I'd recommend in a second.

First link today would have to be a tool that I wish I had had back in June when I was trying to figure out which order to read Edward Eager's Magic books. Checking here would have told me that there are actually 2 different series within his books-- and no, they're not chronological. Mid-Continent Public Library's Juvenile Series and Sequels search lets you search by Series Title, Subject, Book Title, or Author. So cool!

And yes, it's already been out awhile, but if you missed "14 Books to Help Ease Children Through Transitions" over on Simple Mom, then you may have missed some great suggestions (including a few by yours truly) for kiddos starting school and other milestones. I'll have to read The Kissing Hand to my Bug before she's off to school on Wednesday.

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