Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Vegetable Garden Update: June 1

So here it is, our starting point for our vegetable garden. We've had the herbs in containers on the porch for almost a month, but we had to wait to start the rest of the garden. The first order of business (after Other Half rented a mini loader for my birthday to clear the area), was to build the fence to deer-proof the whole thing. The deer are so bad where we live that we've even had them follow us down the driveway and I have no intentions of putting in a deer buffet!

Now that the fence and (most of) the beds are in, I ordered 4.5 cubic yards of compost to fill them. I was going to go with the Square Foot Gardening mix of equal parts compost, peat moss, and vermiculite, but after a bit of reading, we decided to plant in straight compost -- we'll find out as the summer goes on if that was a wise move!

Bug and I walked down to the local garden center this morning to load up her wagon with starts, so we've got cantaloupe, tomatoes, peppers (jalapeno & bell), zucchini, corn, romaine, and onion waiting to go in, along with all sorts of seeds they picked out last week. They say "monsoon-like" rain is headed our way tomorrow, so I'd better get those starts in! Then it's time to weed the berry patch we put in last year...

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