Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hard Lotion: You Gotta Try This!

Sometime last summer in my bloggy reading, I came across an enthusiastic recommendation for MadeOn Hard Lotion Bars. I had never heard of hard lotion before, but I was intrigued by the all-natural ingredients and the enthusiastic testimonials. In checking out the site, I was amazed to see that the owner, Renee Harris, even posted a video to teach you how to make your own lotion bars. She believes so strongly in her product that she's willing to teach you how to make it yourself for free!

You would not believe how simple it is to make these lotion bars, as you only need 3 ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter. I melted the 3 together and poured it into an Altoid tin to set up. The first time I had to put it in the freezer to pop the lotion bar out of the tin, but it's so convenient to carry with me in my recycled tin. And we use this stuff for everything: chapped lips, dry skin, my kiddos' itchy toes...

With the winter weather, I've been telling so many friends about hard lotion as this has been the one thing that works for our family for both winter chapped lips and dry itchy skin. My friend Brenda was frustrated with her baby's itchy, rashy skin, so I packed up my crafting crockpot and 3 ingredients and headed over to her house to make a batch. That weekend, she let me know that her baby's skin was 90% better already!

Brenda and I made enough lotion that day that we decided to make samples for our MOPS group. I found this Wilton silicone mold at JoAnn's last month and knew it would be perfect for trial-size lotion bars:At first I packaged them in little baggies, but then I found these little plastic Valentine treat boxes at the Dollar Store and was so thrilled that the lotion bars fit:This hard lotion has become the only lotion our family uses and I can't recommend it highly enough. Renee has even put up a DIY kit for sale this week in case you'd like to get all your ingredients in one easy package. And no, she's not paying me for this post either -- we just love our hard lotion that much!

Update 3/28/11: Today Stephanie over at Keeper of the Home reviewed the DIY hard lotion kit. She gives a handy tutorial on making the lotion bars and lip balms and even calculates your savings!


  1. My girls love our little lotion. I might need to make some soon, because right now everyone is all using the same one...and although I'm sure we're all sharing germs anyway, watching my girls take turns all rubbing it across their lips this morning kind of grossed me out. We're going to need reinforcements :)

  2. What a great idea-the heart shaped lotion and containers!

  3. @Jen: After I did the first test run on our family, I quickly made lots of separate ones! We each have our own for lips, a general one for hands, and another one for "itchy toes" -- reinforcements are definitely necessary :)

    @Heather: Thanks! I found more containers today so I'll have to bring you a sample at our next book club!

  4. This sounds like it would be great for my (and my daughter's) dry, cracked hands! Were you able to find the shea butter and beeswax locally, or did you order online? I priced them on the website she recommends, but the shipping is as much as the product total for a small quantity. :(
    Thanks for sharing this!
    ~Jen Evans

  5. @Jen: I first got my ingredients from a local soap-making supplier near Albany, but she seems to be out of business! I know there's a place in Eugene with a factory store but that's a bit far from Portland!

    Honestly, I would just go with her DIY kit -- I think she was going to ship that in a Prioriy Mail flat rate box, so hopefully the shipping isn't terrible...