Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Combatting the Princess/Diva Syndrome... Part 3

OK, I promise that this is not going to be a one-issue blog and that someday I will put up the post that I had scribbled notes for on Monday morning, but I saw an entry on this same issue on Goody Blog today, which started off with the phrase, "If you’re perturbed by the whole “princess culture” trend..." and I just had to add Part 3. (How's that for a run-on sentence for ya?) Anyways, you gotta click through on the "princess culture" link to find out that even though it's a lengthy article, it's worth the read.

It's not princesses specifically that I have a problem with, but the being- submerged- in- all- things- princess- to- the- exclusion- of- everything- else. I'm one of those moms who never buys pink for my daughter because (a) I figure plenty of others will and (b) why limit her color palette until she chooses to do so herself?

Princesses (and pink) can be all innocent and fun, but I really don't like the idea of my Bug being immersed in a world of role models who teach lessons like it's OK to sit around and wait for a guy to rescue you or to tell others they should wait on you hand and foot. It's that second lesson that leads all too quickly into entitlement and divadom, and I for one, would hope that my daughter never falls into such a self-centered view of the world.

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