Monday, February 11, 2008

Combatting the Princess/Diva Syndrome... Part 2

OK, so this wasn't what I was planning on writing about this morning, but less than 24 hours after my Part 1 post, I found the following 2 tidbits while cruising the blogosphere:
  • Over on The Not-Quite-Crunchy Parent, I found "Beyond Princess Play: Why Girls Won't Mind" where, in discussing toys being marketed for girls vs. boys, MC states, "Boys will be boys; girls will be either." I hadn't thought about this too much as my boy (age 4.5) and girl (age 2) are still young enough that they enjoy playing just about anything together. I do know, however, that I am very conscious of how my daughter plays with her dolls and toy kitchen, and I am pretty anti-Barbie and anti-Disney princess. Perhaps a Step One in my battle against raising a diva...
  • And on Sorta Crunchy (a new blog I just found today through the Big Bloggy Move), I found an earlier post from Megan in which she challenged herself to buy gently used clothing for her kids. Besides the crunchy reason to buy used clothes ("There really is no reason I have to keep feeding into this broken consumerist system by buying brand new clothing for the girls when I can buy clothing someone else's little girl has already broken in..."), she also linked to a study that points out that materialism is a cause of self-esteem problems. Hey, if I can fight the Diva Syndrome and Materialism at the same time, I'm thrilled!
If you've got any other links, feel free to post them! And please, any suggestions are welcome.


  1. Hi Diana! Oh gosh, I cannot imagine how hard it would be to battle the diva syndrome in Orange County. Pressure all around! I would readily confess it's probably much easier to do this in small town Texas . . .

    Thanks for playing along in our Big Bloggy Move! Look forward to getting to know you more!

  2. Thanks for joining our move!

    I'm from So Cal and lived in Orange County for several years :)