Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Kid in You...

So does having kids bring out the kid in you? It certainly does for Other Half! Even though Mugger and Bug are past the let's-put-this-sand-in-our-mouth-and-see-what-it-tastes-like stage, OH still does the majority of the sandcastle building whenever we head to the beach! This shot is from last October...And here they are all hard at work the last time we went-- notice Other Half has his own masterpiece going!At least they can all enjoy the finished product together-- at least for a brief moment before OH lets Bug kick it all down...So do you have any photos that highlight the spirit of childhood? Check out 5 Minutes for Mom's contest here and maybe you'll win a Nintendo Wii. I'd love to give OH one, hence all the pix of him!


  1. beautiful! found you at 5 min 4 mom

  2. Cool castle! Good luck in the contest!

    And yes, please, feel free to use my Thankful Thursday idea, and you can attribute that to me. Just popped into my head one day! :)