Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some Children's Book Week Finds

As a follow up to last week's post, here are some more links for Children's Book Week:
  • The "Unsung" Favorites of Children's Literature on Simple Kids: This post is bookmark-worthy for the comments! I haven't added any recommendations because we just have way too many favorites, but feel free to weigh in with yours.
  • Summer Reading from The Horn Book: If I still had the budget for it, a subscription to The Horn Book would be the one children's literature review journal to keep. Their summer reading list is full of new favorites all published within this last year.
  • Top 100 Picture Book Poll Results from A Fuse #8 Production on School Library Journal: Did you ever wish you could have a room full of children's librarians recommend their favorites? Here's that list. Edited to add: Not enough? Here's the other contenders. And here's the shoulda-beens.
  • Twaddle-Free Books for Preschoolers on Simple Mom: This is actually a post from last fall, but I only found it recently and know I'll be using it as I put books on hold for Bug at the library. It includes some great early reader books for Mugger like the Frog and Toad books.
  • The Reading Child from Mt. Hope Chronicles: If you're raising boys to be readers, Heidi's lists are for you. Heidi is homeschooling her boys and took the time to compile an excellent elementary book list.
  • The Scholastic Summer Challenge: Mugger is technically too young for this (being that he won't be 7 until June of 2010), but now that he's reading independently, this really appealed to him. Not only is it a way for him to track his minutes over the summer, but he's also counting them as part of a team and the winning team gets to vote which Save the Children program gets a donation from Scholastic. In his words, "I get to help kids by reading? I want to do that!"
Any other great book lists or reading sites?

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