Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well, think I had a first this week, being mentioned on a "big" blog for this post, which I shared over at Camp Creek Blog. The passage I quoted ended up being the spark for a new open thread, one in which even the author of the quote, Laurel Snyder, stopped in to comment.

In my pursuit to live in the now, this gem of kid lit caught my eye this week, so I had to share this for the open thread's comments...

At the end of "Danny, Champion of the World" Roald Dahl writes:
to Children Who Have Read This Book

When you grow up
and have children of your own
do please remember something important

a stodgy parent is no fun at all

What a child wants
and deserves
is a parent who is

I'm thinking about writing the word SPARKY on my mirror to serve as a reminder to me each morning...

Guess it's time to go read another kids' book!

(Found this gem via Land of Meg via Kids Craft Weekly on Facebook.)

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