Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Plans in the Making

Last summer I collected all sorts of ideas to keep summer boredom at bay -- you can read all about my plans here -- but the kiddos weren't too interested! Bug was only 3, though, and hadn't discovered the world of school. This year, the kiddos are 4 and 7, and they both have interests they just can't get enough of in school. Bug never gets to do enough art (unless you count coloring, which I don't) and Mugger could do science experiments every day of the year (which is why he's getting a science kit for his birthday next week.)

For collecting our plans, I found a great summer calendar template to print off here at Thirty Handmade Days as part of her Funner in the Summer series-- isn't it cute?
The kiddos and I then came up with a theme for each of the weekdays and I've been on the hunt for projects. Our themes will be...

Masterpiece Mondays: This is our art day for Bug. I've got lots of art projects lined up thanks to The Artful Parent and all sorts of craftiness via The Crafty Crow. These 2 sites have to be my favorites for kiddo arts and crafts. I also have 2 books I'm pulling lots of projects from, Preschool Art by Mary Ann Kohl (definitely not just for preschoolers -- this is a fabulous process-based art book) and The Kid Concoctions 10th Anniversary book (which is 4 Kid Concoctions books in one and has all sorts of paint and dough recipes, among tons of other things!)

Play in the Park Tuesdays: Our MOPS group meets at a different park every Tuesday morning in the summer, so I'm looking forward to checking out some new parks with the kiddos. After 2 years here, I still feel like the new kid on the block sometimes!

Wacky Wednesdays: This is our science experiment day for Mugger. He's receiving the Sciencewiz Chemistry Experiments and Book for his birthday and also has Gizmos & Gadgets and Things that Go Boom! to find projects in. Those, along with some good concoctions and contraptions in the Kid Concoctions book, as well as some projects I've bookmarked, mean we'll have plenty to keep us busy on Wednesdays.

In the Dirt Thursdays: This will be our nature exploration day. Some Thursdays we'll hike or explore a local waterfall, while other Thursdays we'll tackle nature craft projects like drying flowers or attempting woodworking with sticks and twigs! Thursdays are also the night we leave to go camping which leads to...

Family Fun Fridays: Other Half's day off is Friday, so this will be our family field trip day. Some Fridays we'll be at the pool or camping, but we do have a couple of bigger field trips planned like the Salem children's museum, Enchanted Forest theme park, and OMSI. Can't wait!

And not on the schedule but whenever we feel like it will be all our food activities: berry picking, making jam, gardening, making ice cream in baggies, cooking outside in the new fire pit, and baking new recipes. My mouth is watering already!

So what about you? Any big plans? We're always game for more ideas if you have winners you'd like to share.

Oh, and one last note, this is my 100th post. I haven't exactly been a faithful blogger, but I've made it this far...


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! The calendar and your plans are FANTASTIC! Seriously, you are so creative and your kids will have a great summer :)

  2. I've always admired moms who take the time to plan real activities with their kids. I really believe that it's what helps them grow up to be intelligent and interactive (not as though I have any experience raising kids--it's just a hypothesis!). Anyway, Mugger and Bug look to have a great summer ahead of them and I hope they really enjoy it! ~Katie P

  3. I am so impressed. I have ZERO activities planned, but I'm actually happy about having things be low-key. Maybe if summer goes on and boredom sets in I'll actually make some plans.

  4. Oh, I'm great at planning -- it's the follow-through that's another story...

    I've only made plans this year because they asked for them-- once we got rolling with the art and science days, they were excited about having a theme for every day of the week.

    Besides, Jen, summer boredom is a healthy necessity to develop their creativity!

  5. Thanks for passing along these great resources Diana. Although I won't be at home with the kids everyday, we did get a student to be our nanny for the summer and I wanted to come up with some art and science projects that would appeal to both our 3 and 8 yr old. Looks like you've pointed me in the right direction! Can't wait to go get some of these books and work with Spencer on some of these projects. FYI, when I clicked on the link to Preschool Art, I see this author also created a book called Science Art that looks really cool. I'm going to go hunt this down and try some of the art "experiments"!

  6. Hey, Rhonda, happy to help! I'm most excited about the projects that are some of both like learning how to make different paints and playdough. I haven't seen Science Art but I know all of Mary Ann Kohl's stuff is awesome. I think you just added another book for me to hunt down :)

  7. Oh thank you for these websites! I lack ideas when it comes to these things, but Isabella really needs to have the structure of things to do. I will also do those colored pasta necklaces! They will LOVE those!