Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let Me Introduce Myself...

OK, so here I am rambling on when I haven't even introduced myself. I tried to sum it all up in my profile, but here's the more elaborate version in case you're curious:
  • full-time mom: to Mugger and Bug, 2 of the cutest kiddos you could ever hope to meet. Yeah, I know I'm their Mama and I'm supposed to think they're adorable, but they really are-- just ask their grandparents! By the way, I don't want them to die of embarrassment when some date or prospective employer googles them 15 years down the road, so if you know them, please don't use their names in any comments here.
  • full-time pastor's wife: my husband (who shall from here on out be known as Other Half) and I have been married almost 13 years-- hard to believe since one or the other of us is always being told we don't look a day over 30. He happens to be a Lutheran pastor but is also a fantastic father, a great cook, a frequent mechanic (since he drives a '62 Willys wagon), and a not-as-often-as-he-would-like mountain biker. (That wagon keeps eating up his spare time.)
  • part-time Spanish teacher: I teach 7th and 8th grade Spanish 2 afternoons a week, using the Teaching Proficiency through Reading & Storytelling (TPRS) method. Finding this method 8 years ago has convinced me there is a future for foreign language education.
  • part-time MOPS leader: a year ago, I got the crazy idea that I should start a MOPS group at my church, even though at that point I had 16 months of MOPS experience under my belt. I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I told God and everyone I knew that I couldn't do it without a team. Within a month, 9 of us were meeting to launch an evening MOPS group of more than 50 moms.
  • creator of Ladybug Limited hairclips: yeah, so, I didn't have enough to fill up my dreary days, so I decided to start a little home-based business venture which will be launching soon. For news on that, click on over here.
So there you go: me, fleshed out from my profile. As for my other interests, I love kids books (and for some reason have more than 1000 of them...), walking, camping, and traveling. I used to love running, but I haven't done so much of that since Bug came along. More recent interests for me have been trying to live a greener life and looking for that crafty mama that must be somewhere inside of me!


  1. Diana,
    I'm so glad to meet another pastor's wife on this Big Bloggy Move day! Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to reading more of your entries!

  2. Stopping by with the Big Bloggy Move..welcome to the blogosphere!